Monday, March 31, 2014

Come'on Manalmon up to Bayukbok

Yesterday, an organized dayhike for my first time hiker friends was a blast. It was planned by me and with the help of outdoorsman Elvis Pimentel last month. Specifically, the hike is for my friends who wants to try hiking. It's in my bucket list and successfully it was done in Madlum, San Miguel Bulacan.

'Twas my 2nd time around to hike in Mt. Manalmon. 3 of my high school friends (Dada, Roann and Marlon) 1 college friend (Jimar), 1 co-worker (Ron) and 1 from frisbee team mate (Jam) and his 3 invites has totaled the participants of dayhike. Our organizer Elvis has 3 marshalls, Sid, Zarm and Onad. The service van picked up us at Technohub (my workplace) around past 4 in the morning. The ride went on for 2.5 hours to San Miguel, Bulacan. Its too hot already around 7:00am upon the arrival of our service van. My 9 invitees were all excited. We started from LNT (Leave no trace) discussion led by Elvis and a prayer which was led by me. 

Leave No Trace discussion while having coffee :)

Since we're going on a day hike, Elvis weren't be able to discuss the BMC Basic Mountaineering Course (it supposed to be given for overnight camping daw)
3 Marshalls from Left to Right (Sid, Zarm and Onad)
Start of hike :))) 
Left to right (Marlon, Roann,Darrel and Ron)

Jimar and Ron while taking rest hehehe...
 The hike went on for only an hour and all of us have reached the Mt. Manalmon peak around 9:30am. We had picture takings and a perfect view 360 degrees seeing Sierra Madre mountain ranges and rivers down below. 

Photo (c) Jam Sumayop 
While taking rest (left to right) Jimar, Ron, Dada, Marlon and Roann

Left to right (Elvis, Ron and Jimar)

View from the summit. As you can see, the river is almost dry because its summer season. Photo (c) Rich Bels
After the hike, we took our lunch beside this river and refreshed ourselves. 

After lunch (c) Marlon Calolot
Cool! Chillax (c) Marlon Calolot
(c) Jam Sumayop
After lunch, we trekked back to jump off point for spelunking/caving at Bayukbok cave. It is said to be one of the technical caves in the Philippines according to our local guide.

Pictures below for spelunking/caving. (Photos credit to Marlon Calolot)

Ready for belaying

One at a time

Elvis belaying Ron while rappelling (with rope for safety precautions)

Congrats they made it :)

Oops, a little body stretch to pass this area 

Technical and challenging indeed 
We're almost done 
Roann, its the last part babe :)

It was a successful dayhike at Mt. Manalmon and spelunking in Bayukbok cave. Some of us tried monkey bridge or cable wire crossing along the river, I haven't that time since I've tried it year 2012 already with my first hiking group Comodo Backpackers. Here's my photos in cable wire crossing. :)

I guess I was lucky enough of crossing the cable wire and plunging to the river.

We arrived at technohub around 9 O' clock in the evening. Everybody were so tired by surely had fun with the activities for the whole day. And my friends asked me if we can do this again in another mountains. Yes, there will always be Next time for hiking :)

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