Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Unplanned solo La Union trip

It was holy week 2014 last week and everybody had their long vacations, out-of-town trips, beach camping, climbs from different mountains, family gatherings and any other summer activities. Once again my tropa  Buboy, Paulo and Grei asked me to join their climb in Mt. Halcon. At last! I was to climb Mt. Halcon this summer not until my supervisor has disapproved my 4 days PTOs (paid time offs). I understand but I was really sad and disappointed because we're almost having our meal planning that previous week before approaching holy week. I would've filed my PTOs 2 months or 1 month earlier perhaps for a clear and sure vacation from work. So I lend my gears to my friend Paulo (my sleeping bag and tent). 

We met in Trinoma that Holy Monday and talked about some things, mountain talks, hikes, explorations and random. 

Meet-up at Trinoma

Monday, April 7, 2014

A paradise in Calatagan

Since my friends Buboy and Randy's birthday is fast approaching, last week during weekdays we've planned a chilling and relaxing way of celebrating it. 3 days before April 5, Saturday, we've talked of having a day hike in Mt. Batulao then beachineering right after the hike. The original plan was taking the newly opened trail in Mt. Batulao traversing Mt. Talamitan by the so-called Toong trail. Too bad, they're too unsure to take this one because a guide is needed and its unfamiliar for its technicalities.