Wednesday, January 8, 2014

2013 Life Learnings

Goodbye 2013! I have experienced and learned the following: 

1. To patiently wait and never rush into something especially when you're not ready. 

2. Never expect too much. We cant contain ourselves most of the time but being happy for simple joys in life doesn't always mean it'll be for a long term. Just enjoy the moment!

3. Know the people around you carefully before trusting them too much. Some are blessings in disguise, some are pretty badass that can turn you down. Don't let them. :)

4. Treasure your true friends especially those who are always there for you not only for the parties and good times, but those who you can run and talk to when your world seems to come to an end.

5. When you meet a special person who made you feel so important and loved, take care of them. We'll never know when to find that kind of person again. And its another story.

6. Identify your goals and plans and always make the first little step to work on it. Hence, there is 'Time for Everything" Ecclesiastes 3:1-8. 

Hence,year 2013 has been good to me.

Photo taken: June 23, 2013 (Mt.Banahaw)
"Oh please, dont you rock my boat. 
Coz I dont want my boat to be rockin...

Im happy inside all- all of the time" 
-Satisfy my soul, Bob Marley