Monday, May 28, 2012

A loong trek at Nagsasa

It was 2 more days to go before I finally come up to the decision that "The time has come for me to experience to climb a mountain." Right then, I texted sir Jovi, the organizer of this event. Huling Hirit sa Tag-init, Beach Bumming trip at Nagsasa cove to include me in the list of the participants. 

I asked my supervisor for an ad-hoc schedule, basically the reason is to prepare for tomorrow's climb. Having no idea what to bring, as it was my very first time to join a climb. Luckily I had a friend from Facebook, Michael Gorospe whom I asked to so many questions on the preparation for a climb, and advised me not to buy all mountaineering equipments in just one shot.

By 5:00 in the morning we started trekking along Brgy. Cawag, Zambales. We are all in all 60+ participants.The sun has started to rise by 8:00 am and we can almost feel its hotness. All of a sudden, a heavy rain have washed us out while having an assault to the summit.
Start trek@ 5am