Saturday, November 26, 2016

A Heartful Note for Coldplay

Dear Coldplay,

Please remember You are 'Always In My Head'. Your songs have been my 'Hymn For The Weekend' and now my 'Head Is Full of COLDPLAY Concert Dreams'. Your music is part of my 'Adventure Of A Lifetime', like a 'Magic' I fall in love. Oh yes! It's 'True Love'. I know for sure that your concert on April 4 will be an 'Amazing Day' and a night 'Sky Full of Stars'.

Love Fangirl from the Philippines,


I wrote this just to express my emotions how I like Coldplay band. Since I was a kid, I used to listen to Chris Martin's melodic voice. I grew up liking the songs Shiver, Yellow, Scientist, Trouble to name a few. Video of Don't Panic we used to watch at MTV, they're so cute in there, the graphic and robotic effects. Hahaha "Bones sinking like stones, All that we fought for...". Every word in song lyrics makes you think and immediately gives instant connection with how you feel.

I could pick a song phrase, use it as a caption to every photo I've got from my hikes and travels Paradise is perfect, "And dreamed of Para-para-paradise, Para-para-paradise, Para-para-paradise, Every time she closed her eyes.." Yes I've used this in one of my hiking photo. 
Makiling Traverse- Take 5 minutes rest :)

Mid November, Coldplay just announced they'll be having AHFOD Asian Tour in 2017 and Philippines was scheduled on April 4.

I am one of the unfortunate fans who didn't get to buy a concert ticket. Tried Globe pre sale ticket reservation but in no more than 5 mins, the tickets were all sold out. Me and my friend waited for the opening of SM Fairview mall. Due to sluggishness of SM's ticketing system, and after waiting for almost 7 hours in queue, we got nothing. Hoping that I can still buy a ticket even on the day of the concert. *fingers crossed*

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines) — British rock band Coldplay is adding Asian stops to their "A Head Full Of Dreams" tour — and the Philippines is one of them.The band, led by vocalist Chris Martin, is performing in Manila on April 4, 2017 (Tuesday) at the Mall of Asia concert grounds in Pasay. 
The news was confirmed on the band's website on Tuesday morning.The Asian stops include Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea, which will all happen in April.

For more information, visit Coldplay Tour

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