Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Unplanned solo La Union trip

It was holy week 2014 last week and everybody had their long vacations, out-of-town trips, beach camping, climbs from different mountains, family gatherings and any other summer activities. Once again my tropa  Buboy, Paulo and Grei asked me to join their climb in Mt. Halcon. At last! I was to climb Mt. Halcon this summer not until my supervisor has disapproved my 4 days PTOs (paid time offs). I understand but I was really sad and disappointed because we're almost having our meal planning that previous week before approaching holy week. I would've filed my PTOs 2 months or 1 month earlier perhaps for a clear and sure vacation from work. So I lend my gears to my friend Paulo (my sleeping bag and tent). 

We met in Trinoma that Holy Monday and talked about some things, mountain talks, hikes, explorations and random. 

Meet-up at Trinoma

I moved on easily and I worked the whole holy week since those days are with double pay. Not bad though. I immediately planned another vacation for myself even without company and buddies. Its fun I know! No fixed plan and itinerary, I only thought of going to La Union by myself and see what to enjoy there. Stay at the beach, sleep, eat, relax, swim, surf and anything that this place can offer. 

Right after my saturday shift work, I went to partas cubao bus terminal and luckily I was the last passenger for 5pm trip. I arrived 1130pm at La Union, San fernando partas terminal. Mommy Carol picked me up and advised me to get ready for tomorrow's exciting day! Yeehaaa! :D

My Ultimate frisbee team has planned a La Union vacation on the first week of May. Unfortunately, I wouldn't be able to join them because it is the same date for my company team building and we are required to join. Thus,I worked with Coneheads' transient information/reservations in San Juan La Union with the help of my very good friend and cool mommy 'Carol' Caroline Hipolito (a friend of mine,also a hiking buddy and La Union is her hometown). How lucky am I and she helped me out in looking for a transient/inn for my Coneheads frisbee team's vacation. She even asked me to stay in her house nalang the whole duration of my vacation in La Union. I gladly took her offer and she strolled me to some places in La Union. We had roadtrips and stayed at the beach, enjoyed the day and waited and watched for the sunset. 

Pardon me, so this is not a solo backpacking now, its just a solo trip or I was just solo byahera hahaha.. Anyways, a big thanks to momi Carol who kept me company, strolled to me different places in La Union,  and treated me like a princess in her beautiful house.

Photos here:

We're off to the beach w/ my personal gorgeous and coolest mom friend "Momi Carol"
Panoramic view of San Juan, La Union beach (oops! excuse my not so nice shot..)

As you entered San Juan La Union beach, you can see the surfing areas and booths for surfboard rentals as well Surfing instructors available for surfing lessons.
1 hour for Php 400-500.

420 Day in La Union hahaha (simply means April 20 :P )

Learning the basics of Surfing :)
Pull body UP!
Goofy :) (Left foot on the back of the board)
With my Surfing Instructor Myla, teaching me the proper footing and position on the surfboad.
(This one is the regular footing, right foot on the back of the board)

Goofy foot: Surfing with the left foot on the back of board.

Yaaay! Stoked!
I fall several times in the water before learned how to stand up properly on the surfboard.hahaha
Its really FUN! :))) 
Yeeehaaa! It really feels good to get stoked!I love the waves now.
Yess! I want more waves :))) I hope I can surf the big waves sooooon! :D
Bending knees while standing on the surfboard is very important to keep balance while sailing the waves. I have seized that day and everything turns out to be a wonderful day in La Union.

Heavy lunch for a very tiring adventurous day hahaha.. :)
On the guava tree :)))

Cant remember when was the last time that I climbed a tree :)
Manmade forest (road trip..)
HOLCIM Cement Factory Plant

In this part of La Union, these unlimited supplies of rocks, colorful rocks are for exports. 
The Owner of the beach resort Businessman Noble
This part of the beach is almost filled with rocks. I swear no sand, but a very nice waves and clear water good for swimming  :) 
Gimikan in La Union
Siktil shells, pang-ulam na! I know how to get some.. hehehe
Tadaaah! I wanna taste it when cooked.
Another lovely sunset :)
A li'l smudge on this one K-HA-T 

My henna tats for the night. Happiness in arabic 

A very spontaneous and wonderful vacation indeed. I'll be coming back to La Union I promise.

The next day, I took another trip just to get home to Manila earlier and without hassle. So instead of waiting and taking the Partas trip to Cubao, I rode the Baguio trip (2 hours ride from La Union for Php80 fare) to get to Victory Liner bus bound to Cubao. Its been 2 years since Ive been to Baguio. So I strolled there for a little time and experience the cool breeze of the summer capital of Philippines. Byahe in solo is not that boring especially when you're in beautiful places. :)

For Accommodation:
Monaliza Beach Resort (Urbiztondo, San Juan La Union)
Beachfront w/ air conditioned room, ref, cr 4 beds
With Room/4 pax Php 1800
Room/2pax Php 700-800
Contact No. 0915-888-4892

Hacienda Peters Inn (Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union)
Beachfront w/ economical rooms
Room for 9pax Php 3,500-5,000
Contact No.: (072) 888 5253/ 09184415475

Bus ride to San Fernando (Partas cubao) Php 430-450
Bus ride from La Union to Baguio Php75-80
Jeepney rides Php 20-25

Surfing lesson Php 400-500

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