Wednesday, October 12, 2011

SPARK Winner

I've been looking at the iTunes website for days and fantasizing of an iPhone or at least an iPod gadget. Hahaha constantly checking its features and specifications that If ever I am convinced about it, I'll buy one. 

It was Wednesday afternoon, and I'm on Sick leave by that time. My co-worker Luigie, texted me that I won an iPod. Didn't believed him at first, and I replied "What? Are you serious?" thinking he might be just joking me. Haven't thought that Its even came from SPARK.

SPARK (A Legal and Professional Operations Innovation Community Website) especially created for our company wherein you can post any innovation ideas, suggestions with some discussions forums for improvements of technology operations. And its in the Beta Stage. In Alpha Stage, my 2 co-workers, JC Asis just won an Ipod touch, and Kaye Chua won an iPad tablet (Lucky they are!Right?!)

With my boss awarding me the gadget =)
The moment that I finally believed its true, is when yesterday I've gone to work and read my email. YES! ITS TRUE! I still couldn't believe it I was one of the three winners of iPod touch, 4h Gen 32GB gadget, I'm the only one from here in the Philippines, the other 2 are came from Colorado Springs for being one of the 25 highest reputation members in SPARK site. My ideas, discussions and suggestions posted are not into waste. Thanks God.
I even have some audiences =) hehe

I got it from Awarding day at our Training Rm 1. (left pitcure)

I considered it as a Birthday gift. And now believed that Law of Attraction is true (realizing that that I've been talking about Apple products for days, and planning on having one. Yeah! I attracted it, I even thought that I can have one through SPARK), So I kept on posting and been active in SPARK site =) 

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