Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Bullynow :D

Okay so I stand for the title of this post, Bullynow with a hashtag created by my ultimate frisbee teammates just for fun. hahaha Our gala in Bolinao, Pangasinan last weekend was a blast! I swear to myself that this time I should join my Coneheads ultimate frisbee family with their gala since I rarely bond with them these days. There's 15 of us divided by 3 carpools and assembled at Mcdonalds, Mindanao Ave. by 1:00 am. For 5-6 hours ride, I took chance for taking sleep in Mike's pick-up. 

We arrived at Bolinao by 6:00 am and started the day by checking in to our reserved rooms at El Pescador Resort, having breakfast and buying goods in the market. 

Goodmorning :)

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Unplanned solo La Union trip

It was holy week 2014 last week and everybody had their long vacations, out-of-town trips, beach camping, climbs from different mountains, family gatherings and any other summer activities. Once again my tropa  Buboy, Paulo and Grei asked me to join their climb in Mt. Halcon. At last! I was to climb Mt. Halcon this summer not until my supervisor has disapproved my 4 days PTOs (paid time offs). I understand but I was really sad and disappointed because we're almost having our meal planning that previous week before approaching holy week. I would've filed my PTOs 2 months or 1 month earlier perhaps for a clear and sure vacation from work. So I lend my gears to my friend Paulo (my sleeping bag and tent). 

We met in Trinoma that Holy Monday and talked about some things, mountain talks, hikes, explorations and random. 

Meet-up at Trinoma

Monday, April 7, 2014

A paradise in Calatagan

Since my friends Buboy and Randy's birthday is fast approaching, last week during weekdays we've planned a chilling and relaxing way of celebrating it. 3 days before April 5, Saturday, we've talked of having a day hike in Mt. Batulao then beachineering right after the hike. The original plan was taking the newly opened trail in Mt. Batulao traversing Mt. Talamitan by the so-called Toong trail. Too bad, they're too unsure to take this one because a guide is needed and its unfamiliar for its technicalities. 

Monday, March 31, 2014

Come'on Manalmon up to Bayukbok

Yesterday, an organized dayhike for my first time hiker friends was a blast. It was planned by me and with the help of outdoorsman Elvis Pimentel last month. Specifically, the hike is for my friends who wants to try hiking. It's in my bucket list and successfully it was done in Madlum, San Miguel Bulacan.

'Twas my 2nd time around to hike in Mt. Manalmon. 3 of my high school friends (Dada, Roann and Marlon) 1 college friend (Jimar), 1 co-worker (Ron) and 1 from frisbee team mate (Jam) and his 3 invites has totaled the participants of dayhike. Our organizer Elvis has 3 marshalls, Sid, Zarm and Onad. The service van picked up us at Technohub (my workplace) around past 4 in the morning. The ride went on for 2.5 hours to San Miguel, Bulacan. Its too hot already around 7:00am upon the arrival of our service van. My 9 invitees were all excited. We started from LNT (Leave no trace) discussion led by Elvis and a prayer which was led by me. 

Leave No Trace discussion while having coffee :)

Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Scorching heat of Mt. Balagbag

I usually have saturday shift work for three months starting March. I was getting burnout from night shift last months January and February and was not able to do my weekend pleasures because of resting for long hours of the day. Got so many climb invites from my friends but always not getting the chance to join them.

Yesterday, I decided to join the hosted dayhike of my friend Kimmy together with her churchy friends. Mt. Balagbag is indeed a perfect venue for the first time hikers and training ground for mountain bikers and trail runners.

Mt. Balagbag trail

Basically the trail of Mt. Balagbag is really brittle and dry type of land but a wide established road viewing 360 degrees of different mountain ranges. With minimal number of trees around that makes it hard for the hikers to position themselves while taking rest. Nevertheless, you can still relax in this mountain especially when its windy :) I could almost get my nap for an hour while in the summit.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

The flying disc

Venue: Circulo Verde, Eastwood City Libis (here where I started playing)

Hello there! I havent written quite for some time, and Im so excited to share to you guys one of my favorite sports, the Ultimate frisbee. Frisbee is what you call to the disc or an object that is used to for playing. We usually used 175-grams disc for playing. Ultimate is the term for the sport. Points are scored by passing the disc to a teammate in the opposing end zone.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Mt. Batulao New Trail Anniversary

Hello guys! I havent written here in my blog quite for some time. This time I want to share this another experience in the mountain that I've been. Mt. Batulao is annually celebrating the opening of its New Trail by cooking 2-4 gourmets managed by locals and tatay Karding and offering it to hikers for free. Yearly, hikers flock in this mountain with their friends and drink all the way we want until they drop. haha  

Me, Elvis and Ferdz did night trek and luckily we're still able to find our space in the campsite to pitch our tents. Unfortunately, we havent even tasted lechon baboy prepared by Tay Karding. So we just drink the night and chitchats with some of the fellow mountaineers. I even happened to see again Jay Masauring that I once with in a beach camping last year January 2013 at Capones Island. Really a small world for hikers. 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

2013 Life Learnings

Goodbye 2013! I have experienced and learned the following: 

1. To patiently wait and never rush into something especially when you're not ready. 

2. Never expect too much. We cant contain ourselves most of the time but being happy for simple joys in life doesn't always mean it'll be for a long term. Just enjoy the moment!

3. Know the people around you carefully before trusting them too much. Some are blessings in disguise, some are pretty badass that can turn you down. Don't let them. :)

4. Treasure your true friends especially those who are always there for you not only for the parties and good times, but those who you can run and talk to when your world seems to come to an end.

5. When you meet a special person who made you feel so important and loved, take care of them. We'll never know when to find that kind of person again. And its another story.

6. Identify your goals and plans and always make the first little step to work on it. Hence, there is 'Time for Everything" Ecclesiastes 3:1-8. 

Hence,year 2013 has been good to me.

Photo taken: June 23, 2013 (Mt.Banahaw)
"Oh please, dont you rock my boat. 
Coz I dont want my boat to be rockin...

Im happy inside all- all of the time" 
-Satisfy my soul, Bob Marley