Monday, February 3, 2014

Mt. Batulao New Trail Anniversary

Hello guys! I havent written here in my blog quite for some time. This time I want to share this another experience in the mountain that I've been. Mt. Batulao is annually celebrating the opening of its New Trail by cooking 2-4 gourmets managed by locals and tatay Karding and offering it to hikers for free. Yearly, hikers flock in this mountain with their friends and drink all the way we want until they drop. haha  

Me, Elvis and Ferdz did night trek and luckily we're still able to find our space in the campsite to pitch our tents. Unfortunately, we havent even tasted lechon baboy prepared by Tay Karding. So we just drink the night and chitchats with some of the fellow mountaineers. I even happened to see again Jay Masauring that I once with in a beach camping last year January 2013 at Capones Island. Really a small world for hikers.