Monday, May 13, 2013

Mt. Palali Traverse

A group has invited me for a Mayon Climb for this May. Basically, their group comes from Legaspi, Albay province, so they were named after it. LA Boys :) hehehe Sir Victor Callos included me in his final list. I dont have any idea about Mayon, its difficulty, how tough the trail is and most of its specifications because I dont have any experience in this mountain yet, but I only read some informations regarding this mountain, and we once passed by this perfect cone volcano on our way to Mt. Bulusan last August 2012. This group (LA Boys) has climbed this mountain many times, so their familiarity will bring us there. :)

2 days before our climb, Mayon volcano spurt a steamed ashes and casualties have been reported. I didnt believed it at first, I doubted and thought they're just joking. :D And the sad part is that it really happened. Oh my God, we're still thankful it didnt happened on the day of our climb itself.

Insisting on having another climb,we planned on organizing another climb and again it was cancelled for some reasons. Sir Melon suggested this Mt. Palali located in Nueva Vizcaya and its like a "suntok sa buwan na climb" might be a success or failure. Here I am, ready for any climb on that moment. My paid time offs for 2 days have already been approved, by budget is also ready, most especially these excited feet of mine :) From 15 persons down to the 4 of us, Victor "Vikki" Callos, Camelo "Melon" Balugo, Daniel "Danny" Angeles and the only girly me..

Here's our group's itinerary:

Day 0
2200 Assembly at Victory Liner Kamias Terminal along EDSA 2300 ETD to Solano, Nueva Viscaya

Day 1
0500 ETA Solano, Nueva Viscaya. Breakfast. 0630 Take trike/jeep to Purok 3, Brgy. Maddiangat, Quezon
0700 ETA Purok 3 / Final preparation / Arrange local guides.
0800 Start Trek (6-8hrs)
1200 Lunch along the trail (Packed Lunch)
1230 Resume trek
1300 Grand view deck (Haring Bato 1435 MASL)
1400 Resume Trek 
1630 ETA Camp 2

Pictures for Day 1   

Buying of goods in the market
Here's our shots from Haring Bato 
Can you see how those clouds are readying for a heavy rain?! hahaha

1,435+ MASL

Kuya Ruben Mina (our local guide) He even promised us a wildboar if we comeback to Mt. Palali, next time. hahaha 
The wanderers of Mt. Palali

As we leave Haring Bato, the heavy rain has started to pour upon us. Its my very first time to experience of being soaked in the trail. hehe and it was nice! I feel so refreshed :D

Day 2
0500 Wake-up call / Breakfast
0700 Commence summit assault.
0800 ETA Summit of Mt.Palali (1715MASL).
0900 Back to Campsite.
1030 Lunch
1100 Explore stream
1330 Start descent (approx. of 5-6 hours)
1930 ETA Mapalyao Falls
2000 Tidy up. Dinner/ Socials

Pictures  for Day 2

Catching up sunrise :)
Mossy part to summit
We are on Mt. Palali Peak. There's nothing so much view to look upon.

The water is soo cold in this stream,our water source as well :)
Day 3
0800 Breakfast
0900 Enjoy Mapalyao Falls
1100 Break camp/ tidy up/ freshen up
1200 Trike to Solano
1430 Lunch
1530 ETD Solano to Manila
2030 Manila bound/ Home sweet home

In additional to this traverse, trail isn't established well and our guide has to do bushwhacking as we descend. It is really the hardest part of our climb. But thankfully, we're able to finish traversing successfully, adding the unstoppable heavy rains which kept pouring upon us.

Pictures for Day 3 (Mapalyao Falls)

Isn't it obvious how we really enjoyed the waterfalls? the water current feels like a hard spa on our flanks. Very relaxing :)

Kain Traverse on Lunch :)

This climb is indeed as very good one, its a success! Hiking w/ a small group of hikers is not that boring especially if you're with these crazy but good guys as I were the only girl who  joined them. Another memorable yet different climbing experience.  


Mt. Palali was derived from Mt.Parola (former name of the mountain). The story behind is that the mountain were surrounded by bunches fireflies before until they slowly gone.
There are also wild boards scattering the mountain. The taste is exceptionally delicious when cooked. Hunting a wild boar requires 20 trained "askals" (asong kalye) stray dog to chase one, according to the locals. 
It has a mini shark's-fin-shaped peak that you can pass through descent.
It also has 2 water falls in it. Mapalyao and Senora falls. Some falls are not yet discovered according to locals.


  1. such an adventurous blog you have here :) i dont know if i can handle hiking but id love to see mount mayon close up :D

    1. Hi Shayne, thanks. :)

      I believe you too can handle hiking! Its fun!

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  3. It's not everyday that you see pictures of a beautiful girl climbing a mountain. :)