Monday, April 7, 2014

A paradise in Calatagan

Since my friends Buboy and Randy's birthday is fast approaching, last week during weekdays we've planned a chilling and relaxing way of celebrating it. 3 days before April 5, Saturday, we've talked of having a day hike in Mt. Batulao then beachineering right after the hike. The original plan was taking the newly opened trail in Mt. Batulao traversing Mt. Talamitan by the so-called Toong trail. Too bad, they're too unsure to take this one because a guide is needed and its unfamiliar for its technicalities. 

Sad to say that I wasn't able to join the guys in a dayhike because my filed ptos (leaves) was unapproved, so I need to come to the office for work. :( So the only option not to sacrifice my weekend pleasure is to go Calatagan, Batangas myself..hehehe Its cool and this time I'll travel alone again. There are no buses routing to Calatagan directly so my only option is to take a bus ride from Taft MRT, Pasay terminal routing to Nasugbu, Batangas and alight to 7/11 Lian, Batangas.

I carried my backpack already as I came to work that Saturday and I was so excited because I also brought my newly bought frisbee disc to teach my guy friends how to play it, as well as I am too excited to use it in a beach. :))) At 8:00pm, I arrived at 7/11 Lian, Batangas and waited for Doks to pick me up in a reason that way to Burot beach is almost an hour before reaching the beach resort. We even passed by a cemetery in the middle of the night and long tricycle ride. We ate and drink beer the whole night with soothing music and good laughter before taking rest in our tents. Upon waking up in the morning, the view is perfect, with crystal bluish water and fine white sand around. This time, there are so many visitors in Burot beach basically its Summertime baby! :)

Our whole day goes like just eating, drinking, swimming, sound tripping, booze and playing frisbee by the beach. We had a really fun sunday in the beach.

Tito Buboy throwing a frisbee disc to the opponet

We took a boat ride for strolling in the middle of the sea, there are so many areas for taking swims and staying with the blue crystal water, its really worth the ride.

With the good guys, good friends

After taking a boat ride for strolling in the middle of the sea
Beautiful views of Burot Beach

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to witness the beautiful sunset of the beach. So that would means that there's still a next time to visit this paradise.

Time to go home now! We all had a great beach time, summertime yeah! :)

Here's the expenses and how to get there (based on my option, since I havent took the Calatagan bus ride and Ive gone there myself..hihihi):

Take a bus ride routing to Nasugbu, Batangas from Taft MRT Terminal, beside McDo for only P152.00
Alight to 7/11 Lian. Ride tricycle for P250
Beach resort entrance: 130

Tent rental: Php400 (optional, its practical if you carry your own tent)
Tent corkage: Php20

Other notes and tips:
Bangkeros are selling  fresh seafoods and fishes every morning. 
Drinking water are available at the store.
There are limited numbers of CR's.
No electricity (you need to bring your own headlamps, flashlights, lanterns etc..)

Additional information click here.


  1. The beach is sooo beautiful! mas na-excite ako lalo nung nakita ko 'to!

    1. Hi Lippiemonster! Thank you for that! hahaha Are you going with Migs sa Hike-beach camping? You may invite some of your friends. :)